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DGTHARA GENERAL TRADING supplies its customers with white crystal sugar from Brazil, the EU and Thailand.
We trade sugar to over 20 destinations in West Africa, the Red Sea, the Med, Caucasian Republics and the Far East.

  • We trade various qualities of sugar from 45 Icumsa, to 100 and 150 Icumsa
  • as well as high polarization brown sugar (VHP)
  • We also supply many customers with organic sugar.
  • We ship our cargoes in 20feet containers loaded with 21.5 to 27 MT (480 to 540 bags of 50 kg).

    The logistical and financial advantages associated with container traffic lead to a very rapid increase in this mode of transport, a specialty of which DGTHARA GENERAL TRADING.

    We also offer sugar in 1kg, 2kg and 5kg packaging packed in paper or polypropylene bags.

    We can transport sugar to any seaport in the world and can also provide land transport to landlocked destinations.