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The professional range for individuals. In sticks or in atypical shapes, we offer a completely different range of sugar.
These products have allowed us to reinvent the way we use sugar in order to bring the consumer a touch of originality to its use.

Put a little originality and color on your tables with heart shaped sugars, clover or tiles, and your guests will be impressed.

The package available are :

  • White sugar wrapped 2 pieces per box of 750gr
  • White sugar stick 5g
  • Sugar pearls
  • Sugar playful forms (white & brown)

    From cane sugar to sifted sugar to icing sugar, DGTHARA GENERAL TRADING offers a complete range of industrial sugars for large industrial customers in the food industry, pharmacy, chemistry, as well as distributors and artisans.

    Here are the products we can make available to you :

  • Fondant Extra 20
    Especially recommended for use in confectionery and pastry. It allows the realization of creamy fillings and decor for glossy and smooth glazes. Its taste can be easily modified by incorporating aromas, fruit extracts or liqueurs.
  • Sugar pearls
    Perfectly suited for making crispy decorations on biscuit and pastry products: brioches, chouquettes, waffles, etc. Incorporated into pasta, before baking, they make it possible to make creamy, slightly caramelized inclusions.
  • Refined sugar
    All applications requiring the highest quality level for whiteness, coloring and shine : Champagnes, dragees, fondants, liqueurs, etc.
  • Sifted caster sugar
    Thanks to its great regularity and finesse, it is the product traditionally used by craftsmen and manufacturers of biscuits and pastries for the manufacture of shortbread, galette and cookie doughs and in dustings.

    Range reserved for catering and hotel professionals. Individual packaging created especially for use adapted to the needs of your customers.

    We have :

  • Sticks of 5gr in cardboard of 2.5kg (White sugar & brown sugar)
  • Pieces wrapped in 5kg cardboard

    An innovative sachet for a high quality sugar. It is with this product that brands have been able to strengthen their reputation in recent years by developing a whole range around the same packaging.

    These packagings are famous for their simplicity and practicality, since they are easy to transport, shock-resistant, easy to use and allow better conservation, in particular thanks to a resealable cap which allows pouring with precision.


    Brown sugar, pure cane, is also one of the classics in the range. We offer it in different packaging adapted to each of your uses and preferences.

    A range of authentic looking sugar with beautiful golden colors. You will find the natural aromas of cane offering a tasty touch to your drinks.

    Below are the products of the «roux» range that we offer :

    Pure cane pieces

  • In box of 1kg
  • Irregular pieces in box of 500gr
  • Half round pieces in box of 750gr
  • Small pieces in box of 1kg

  • Brown sugar
  • Soft in a 500gr case
  • Full-bodied in 500gr case

    In pieces, powder or crystal, this range brings together the essentials to present on your shelves.
    For these sugars of irreproachable quality, we have available practical packaging adapted to transport and adapted to each of your uses.

    Here are, below, the products of the "current" range that we offer :

    Crystal sugar

  • Paper bag 1kg
  • Polypro bag 1kg
  • 5kg bag with wrist

  • Powdered sugar
  • Plastic box 1kg
  • Cardboard case 1kg
  • Paper bag 1kg

  • Piece specialties
  • Half round pieces in box of 750gr
  • Petits morceaux en boite de 1kg
  • Small pieces in 1kg box
  • Irregular pieces

  • Pastry sugar
  • Powdered icing sugar in plastic box 500gr
  • Special jam sugar in 1kg paper bag